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16th September 2021

8 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working (Pt 2/2)

Read the previous part: 8 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working (Pt 1/2)

You didn’t spend on technical SEO

SEO is much more than just about content and backlinks.

Technical SEO is incredibly important. Steps like fixing duplicate content issues, adding structured data markup, enabling AMP, improving the site's speed, and more can give your website a big boost on SERP.

If you have missed these steps, if you have missed technical SEO, your strategy and execution are incomplete.

Indeed, technical SEO can be confusing and challenging for many. If this is the case, consider contacting any of the SEO companies in Mumbai; get their help.

There’s a serious defect in backlink quality

Along with content, backlink is one of the two most important search ranking factors.

If your site hasn’t gotten enough backlinks, that’s not good for SEO.

Further, if the quality of the backlinks your site has gotten is bad, that’s an even bigger problem.

Do a backlink auditing. Check your backlink profile’s health. If you have received backlinks from poor quality, unrelated sources, disavow them immediately. They may be the reason why your SEO strategy is performing poorly.

You don’t have a dedicated internal link building plan

Many people don’t realize the critical importance of internal link building and just how beneficial it could be for SEO if done right.

If you have been reluctant towards internal link building and you don’t have a dedicated plan for it, your SEO strategy could very well be paying a bad dividend for that; this is especially true if your site has many pages.

You’re impatient

Maybe you read about a few hacks and some very far-fetched examples, which led you to set unrealistic expectations from SEO.

In reality, good SEO (involving white-hat practices) that delivers lasting results takes time. There’s no quick hack to this.

So, if you think your SEO strategy isn’t working, there might be a chance that you’re being impatient and have over-expectations.

Allow your strategy to come into action and get the wheel rolling. This will take time. Spare that time, all the while keep executing other parts of your SEO plan.

Final Words

These are just eight possible reasons why your SEO strategy isn’t working. There could be plenty more.

If you want to find the exact reason, your SEO strategy needs to be thoroughly assessed and analyzed. For that, it’s best to seek help from experts. Get in touch with any of the best digital marketing companies UK, get their help, and take definite measures to improve your SEO strategy, and thereby the ROI.

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