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16th September 2021

Kreative Machinez

8 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working (Pt 2/2)

Read the previous part: 8 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working (Pt 1/2) You didn’t spend on technical…

4th July 2020

Kreative Machinez

Launched A Digital Marketing Agency Recently? Listen Up (Part 1)

Yes, it seemed easy! With big and small companies spending large on digital marketing, launching an agency certainly…

12th July 2019

Kreative Machinez

The Simplest (EVER) Way To Get Backlinks

Spoiler: You already know what this "simplest way" is. (And it isn’t directory submission or social bookmarking!) But…

14th September 2018

Kreative Machinez

5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

Here’s something that many people do not understand: in terms of design, websites run out of course. And…