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14th September 2018

5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

Here’s something that many people do not understand: in terms of design, websites run out of course. And it is only fitting, given digital trends change quite often. What was the ‘it’ yesterday might be "meh" today.

Besides, a lot also depends on the algorithm change of search engines. The most recognized one is Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update, following which it became almost mandatory for professionals to shift their approach and focus on design’s responsiveness.

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So, if your website design has been all-same for more than a year now, it’s very likely that it requires some strokes of change here-and-there. This is to keep up with the changing trends and varying expectations of the end users.

Here are 5 tell-tale signs that your website needs to be re-designed:

Top competitors have it different

One of the easiest ways to know whether you’re doing good or not is to look at your top competitors. Compare and analyze.

In here, check the website design of all your successful competitors. Do you notice any difference? Have the majority of them changed the design recently? Do their websites have more functionalities?

Look at various aspects and decide yourself how far you’re lagging. If you see a big difference, it’s imperative you fuel your strides and catch them up by hiring a cheap web design company in Kolkata.

Dwindling conversion rate

While all your web metrics should have your consideration, you must pay special heed to conversion rate. Website traffic may dwindle due to changes in search algo, but the conversion would definitely slow due to problems on the website.

Low dwell time and higher bounce rate are also two important metrics that tell there’s something wrong on the landing page.

So, if you’re experiencing a gradual decline in conversion rate, perhaps it’s time the website design needs to be looked at for some tweaks.

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More features required

Business changes-and so does its goals and tactics. To keep up with such changes – and to maintain a uniformity in branding - website design is often required to be refined. Do you think you’re at the same terminus?

Does your website require new features? Is there a need to incorporate a chat plugin in the design? Do you need popups and welcome mat to generate more leads? Does that design require more (and prominently placed) CTA buttons?

Ask your target audience these questions from the front. And then make changes as and how needed.

High loading time

Having a slow website is no less than a sin today. Did you know 64 percent of smartphone users expect pages to load in less than 4 seconds? Sadly, according to Google, the average time it takes to fully load the mobile landing page is 22 seconds.

This wasn’t the case a few years back when there was high lenience in the loading time. Today, your website will get penalized if it loads slow.

So, how’s the speed of your website? How does it perform on desktop and mobile? A slow landing page is unforgivable and an obituary to your digital success. If yours is slow, make a quick fix immediately.

Poor User Experience delivery

Today, in the RankBrain era, UX is one of the leading Google ranking factors. Give your visitors a good experience and your website will rank atop competitors for completive keywords. Yes, it has never been this straightforward.

How user-friendly is your website? How is the navigation? Is device-adaptability smooth? Are the texts readable? Do the images and videos load fast? Are there enough CTAs? Does it have enough components to keep the visitors engaged?

Answer these questions. Again, your target audience is the right people to seek answers from. Plug in a quick survey on your website and ask these questions.

If you see your website fitting these tell-tale signs, it’s likely the perfect time to welcome some changes in its design. Instead of hiring a professional designer, it’s ideal to approach one of the best SEO companies in Kolkata who offer web design solution. Well acquainted with the latest trends, these companies usually offer superior designing service that falls in line with the best SEO practices. Hire one of them!

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