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4th July 2020

Launched A Digital Marketing Agency Recently? Listen Up (Part 1)

Yes, it seemed easy! With big and small companies spending large on digital marketing, launching an agency certainly looked like an interesting idea - lucrative and with a good future prospect.

But then a certain pandemic happened and all the plans went downhill.

The companies around the world are already cutting back on their digital marketing budget; we’re still far from bottoming this global recession.

So many new digital marketing agencies in Delhi, once launched with big aspirations, are now left struggling. Some have shut down, others are barely surviving. Paying employees and affording the infrastructure has gotten difficult.

Does that all sound familiar and agreeable?

Did you launch a digital marketing agency yourself and are now lost in the ongoing crisis?

While getting out of this situation towards revival and growth will take a lot of resilience, the right approach, and business acumen…

…there are a few things that you should essentially do to keep your business afloat.

Here are 5 of those things that recently-launched digital marketing agencies should do in these difficult times:

1. Start Focusing (a lot) On LinkedIn to Connect With Potential Clients

LinkedIn has to be the North Star for all the digital marketing agencies, as it is for the best SEO companies in Kolkata.

Although the platform has gotten crowded in recent times already, there’s still a lot of opportunities to be tapped on. The organic reach and engagement remain high. Plus, you will find a highly targeted audience here - top executives and decision-makers - who can be your potential clients.

So, be more active on LinkedIn through your agency’s profile. Publish more short and long-form content here. Talk to more people; leave relevant and non-salesy comments in people’s posts.

Increase the number of connections. At the same time, increase your brand awareness. Make people aware of your brand on LinkedIn. Let them engage with your brand.

LinkedIn is a gold-mine of opportunities for digital marketing agencies to get clients. Use this platform with high priority.

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2. Create an Interesting Brand Story Immediately

One of the biggest problems of digital marketing agencies in India is that they lack adequate brand value. Of course, there are many reasons why. One of the key reasons behind that is the missing brand story.

Does your agency aka brand has a story?

If it does, are you telling that story to your audience?

If you are, are you telling that story effectively and in the right way that drives you good returns?

Telling story adds a human touch to your brand. It helps people connect with that brand and trust it. And that’s what you need right now and going forward – more recognition and trust.

So, come up with a good brand story. Make it interesting. Most importantly, make it relevant and relatable. Ensure that it underlines your commitment to solve clients’ pain points.

An agency with a good brand story - a story that people know about and connect with - will inevitably win.

Read the next part here: Started A Marketing Agency Recently? Listen Up (Part 2)

Audio : Launched A Digital Marketing Agency Recently? Listen Up (Part 1)


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