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6th July 2020

Started A Marketing Agency Recently? Listen Up (Part 2)

In the previous post of this 2-part series, we discussed how, whether you own a digital marketing agency in USA or India or anywhere…

…you must get more serious about LinkedIn marketing and your brand story. If you didn’t read it, please check it out here: Started A Marketing Agency Recently? Listen Up (Part 1)

Here are three more things digital marketing agencies must do in these difficult times to successfully weather the storm:

1. Hire A White Label Digital Marketing Agency Based

This is as simple (and sensible) as it gets.

Instead of hiring employees and adding to the payroll, hire a digital marketing agency in Canada, USA, or India that offers white label services.

An offshore team will work for your clients, on your behalf, under your brand name.

So, you can take more and more projects – work with more and more clients - without the need to increase your human and infrastructural expenses.

In fact, more agencies are going this way right now, working with white label marketing agencies. You should consider it too.

Recommended Read: 5 Irrefutable Benefits of Working With White Label Marketing Agency

2. Publish As Much (Relevant and High Quality) Content As Humanly Possible

Content is the cornerstone of building your digital presence, brand recall, and trust value.

This is the time when you need a digital presence, brand recall, and trust value more than ever. So, creating more content is the need of the hour; it’s not optional anymore, it’s essential.

Blog, LinkedIn Pulse, Instagram Stories, Twitter Fleet, Medium, more - you need to create as much of high quality and relevant content on all important platforms as you can.

So, amp your content department. Do some research, outline your buyer persona, recognize existing market needs, and then start publishing more and more content.

Of course, there are many nuances to what kind or type of content you should produce. After all, if you want greater returns, you must be smart with your content strategy.

We have discussed this in details in different blog posts. Please give them a quick read:

The (Right) Content Strategy for This Pandemic Change Your Content Strategy Amid COVID-19 Pandemic – Here’s How

3. Be a Leader Your Employees (And Clients) Can Look Up To

This is the time when many executives and entrepreneurs will fall. At the same time, many of them will rise as well as true leaders. You can and must be among the latter.

Things are difficult. And it might not get better in an immediate span. The digital marketing agencies must pull the right strings to survive this storm. This requires you to play a key leadership role that not only steers the ship in the right direction but also empowers each employee by addressing their fears and anxiety.

So, it’s not all just about tactics. It also just as much about personal values, ethics, resilience, and commitment. If you have such key elements in your character and actions, your agency will imminently survive and then go on to write big success stories.

It’s Difficult - Not Impossible

There’s a lot that new digital marketing agency owners need to do now.

But, in the end, while it’s all quite difficult for every business, it’s not impossible.

With proper measures, you can effectively tackle this crisis.

So, if your agency is struggling right now, don’t worry. You can sail through this.

Audio : Started A Marketing Agency Recently? Listen Up (Part 2)

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