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16th May 2022

Account-Based Marketing (ABM): All You Want to Know (Part 2/4)

Read the previous blog post where we discussed the basics of ABM: Account-Based Marketing (ABM): All You Want to Know (Part 1)

Here are some of the key benefits of account-based marketing:

  1. Better marketing and sales alignment

This is one of the biggest benefits of ABM, because it helps align sales and marketing efforts so they're working together towards a common goal. When this happens, companies can develop more focused strategies that help hit revenue targets faster.

  1. Enhanced transparency

With ABM, you can understand the entire customer journey and see what the prospect is thinking at each point along the way. This gives you insight into how to tailor your messages to fit each prospect's needs at different points in their buying cycle.

  1. Better lead quality

ABM helps you create a deeper relationship with your target accounts by providing them with valuable content that meets their needs and interests. This means that instead of "spraying and praying" with sales collateral, you're sending them content designed specifically for them based on their goals and challenges within their organization.

  1. More engaged prospects

ABM gives you permission to communicate directly with prospects when they're most receptive - when they're actively looking for solutions that fit their needs. This increases the chances of them becoming customers once they realize how much value your offerings bring to their organization.

  1. Higher conversion rates from leads

As companies become more skilled at targeting leads with personalized messages, they're finding that their conversion rates are higher for these prospects compared to those who don't receive such targeted messages.

When you're targeting individual accounts, you can easily personalize your content and messaging to each account. This will increase engagement and lead to better results. Remember, personalization is one of the best techniques to improve conversion rates, leverage by every top digital marketing company Canada, USA, and India.

  1. Better customer experience

By focusing on individual accounts instead of general demographics (like age or gender), marketers can work harder to provide real value to each customer - something that has become increasingly important today. This leads to an enhanced customer experience.

  1. Better ROI on marketing spend

ABM requires less investment than traditional outbound marketing tactics like cold calling or direct mail because it focuses on accounts that already have an interest in what you do, as opposed to trying to convince everyone in an industry or market segment about why they need your product or service. You'll also see better results because these accounts are already familiar with your brand, so there's no need for lengthy sales cycles or multiple meetings before making a sale.

These are some of the direct and indirect benefits of account-based marketing. These are the reasons why every top digital marketing company in Kolkata swears by it.

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