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31st May 2021

Getting Ready For Clubhouse Marketing

Clubhouse is officially (and finally) on Android. The app is available for users worldwide. While some may argue the launch took too long by when it already lost some steam and space to the competitors, it remains one of the hottest social platforms of 2021. Meaning, it is that shiny object for the marketers to explore and possibly build businesses on.

Perfect for Personal Brand

Marketing on Clubhouse remains novel and tricky. However, it’s assumed to be a great channel to amplify personal brand on. Those who are focusing on building a personal brand can truly shine here - provided, of course, they are good speakers and have fresh ideas that carry high utility or entertainment value.

The key is to hosting rooms around topics that you’re passionate about; topics that you excel in. In addition, it’s also recommended to have casual conversations - especially once you have started gaining followers - to shape your personality. After all, a personal brand isn’t just about how intelligent you are but also how appealing and emotionally stimulating your presence is. So, in a way, your experience will attract you audience while your personality will keep that audience glued around you.

Creating on Clubhouse, Distributing Everywhere Else

Clubhouse demands a level of exclusivity in the content you live-produce there. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When speaking in the room, you can also record your audio or video, edit it, and then distribute the content on different platforms. You can clip parts of your conversation and post on Instagram and LinkedIn. This way you can keep your content pipeline stacked. Also, cross-channel promotion can help you gain more followers in Clubhouse.

Figure It Out

The digital marketing firms in Kolkata, London, Sydney, San Diego, and across the world are still trying to figure out how to tap on the power and popularity of Clubhouse. The task is the same for everyone.

For instance, if you’re focusing on building a business brand, can you have employees or key stakeholders in the company host rooms? A news and media company can have their editors on the stage to discuss their editorial policy and maintain higher transparency, thereby build a strong brand identity.

In any case, whatever marketing strategy you figure out for your personal brand or business, with voice expected to be the present and future, Clubhouse is sure an exciting platform to focus on. So, get back to the drawing-room, bring together your team, hire a digital marketing company in UK if needed, and start outlining a defined Clubhouse marketing/branding strategy.

The platform packs opportunities in abundance. Take steps to tap on those opportunities and scale your business.

Audio Version : Click Here

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