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6th December 2020

How to Convert Website Traffic into Business Revenue [Part 3]

Ask any SEO agency in Canada. In recent times, their work scope has expanded. They care not just about bringing traffic to the website but they also attend the conversion. That’s because more website traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more conversion. Clients now want a financial return from their investment in SEO.

Now, increasing conversion rate and revenue isn’t easy. So many businesses struggle with this. With this 3-post series, we’re hoping to simplify it a bit for you. If you missed the previous post, please go here and read: How to Convert Website Traffic into Business Revenue [Part 2]

Here are some more tips on how to convert website traffic into business revenue:

Do A/B Testing Rigorously

Many people undermine the importance of split testing. Don’t be one of them!

You will never know what will work if you’re not testing enough. In fact, A/B testing is a very important part of growth hacking.

So, spend a lot of your resources in finding what kind of content, page layout, CTA copy, and other elements are working better for you.

Do A/B testing, learn, make changes to your strategy, and improve. Repeat this over and again.

Add The ‘Conversion’ Elements

What are ‘conversion’ elements?

So, there are a few things that, if done, can increase your conversion rate significantly. For instance, if your CTA is in a button form as opposed to being in text-form, the conversion would be higher.

If you add “limited period” to your discount, the conversion would jump high significantly.

If you offer a clear return and refund policy, people are more likely to convert.

If you show reviews/testimonials on the landing page, it would build trust with the website visitors, which influence the conversion.

These are the ‘conversion’ elements; little things that can boost conversion. This is what conversion rate optimization is all about.

Attend these elements. Add them to your landing pages and overall site. Hire a reputed digital marketing company in Kolkata for help with CRO.

Look at The Numbers and Graphs

Analytics is the best friend when you’re trying to improve your conversion rate.

Foremost, you should use robust analytics tools. Ideally, you should invest in more than one tool that fits different purposes.

Use them together to understand every aspect of your website traffic and landing pages. These numbers and graphs can provide you with a lot of actionable insights, like what kind of internal link building strategy you should have, which keywords aren’t performing well, and so forth.

Accordingly, you make an informed decision and stride towards improvements.

Take the First Step Today

Unlike generating website traffic, increasing conversion won’t take a lot of time. You’re already getting the traffic; you just need to convert that into business revenue.

So, take the first step today. Implement the tips mentioned in this 3-post series and you will definitely see the desired results.

If you need help, do connect with a good digital marketing company in USA and work along with their team of conversion specialists.

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Audio : How to Convert Website Traffic into Business Revenue [Part 3]

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