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30th November 2020

How to Convert Website Traffic into Business Revenue [Part 2]

Converting website traffic into business revenue is not easy. It has its challenges. And this is why some businesses choose to hire digital marketing company in Kolkata and tap on the expertise of their conversion specialists.

In the previous part of this 3-post series, we discussed the importance of attracting high-quality traffic, optimizing landing pages for UX, and more. If you missed it, please go here and give it a quick read: How to Convert Website Traffic into Business Revenue [Part 1]

Here are more tips on how to convert website traffic into business revenue:

Optimize The Landing Pages for UX

Take some attention off the SEO and heed solely to UX.

Your landing pages should be optimized effectively to deliver a good experience to the visitors.


It should load fast

The navigation should be easy and upfront

The color schemes should be easy on eyes

The pages should load on phone easily

The scrolling should be smooth

The texts should be readable

Focus on elements that may influence user experience and then optimize them.

Create Spectacular Content

Content is perhaps the most important part here. It is what that will make or break the deal for you.

If the content of the landing page isn’t good enough, not only will people leave without conversion but they might not even return; it might hurt your brand value.

So, you should spend a lot of time creating content that is spectacular in every aspect. Content that addresses the pain point of the target audience and delivers them a worthy solution aka high value.

Now, creating such content is easier said than done. It has many nuances, in terms of length, objective and more. So, do consider hiring the best digital marketing company in UK that has a strong content team.

Learn From (top) Competitors

Your competitors aren’t just the competitors. They are also a great source of learning for you.

You can look at the top names in your niche and learn from them.

They are making good revenue; they are converting well on their website. WHY and HOW?

Figuring this out will reveal insights that you can implement on your own website.

So, do check out the kind of content they are producing, the keywords they are targeting, the way their landing pages look, and more.

Learn from that and make changes in your strategy and approach accordingly.

There are many competitive analysis tools available these days. Use these tools.

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Audio : How to Convert Website Traffic into Business Revenue [Part 2]

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