How To Convert Website Traffic Into Business Revenue [Part 1]

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How To Convert Website Traffic Into Business Revenue [Part 1]

Bringing traffic to the website is only one piece of the puzzle. And if you know how, it’s a rather small piece in a large puzzle. A big part of the process is converting that traffic into financial returns. This is not easy!

While some choose to hire digital marketing companies for help here, so many business owners struggle with poor conversion and lack of desired revenue.

If you’re one of the latter, this 3-post series is for you.

Here are some tips on how to convert website traffic into business revenue:

Establish your revenue goals

Yes, you want more revenue; the more, the better. BUT how much exactly?

Vague goals almost always result in an ineffective strategy. And when your strategy isn’t well outlined, you’re going to fail to see any good results.

After all, if there are no goalposts, you’ll be dribbling the ball with no end.

So, define your revenue goals. How much revenue your business should generate through the website? What is the exact figure?

Higher clarity is essential. It’s the first thing you need when crafting your digital marketing strategy.

How’s the quality of the website traffic?

This is something many people miss. It’s also something that experts care a lot about; just ask any digital marketing company in USA and they would tell you the importance of quality traffic.

If you’re attracting traffic that isn’t targeted – traffic that isn’t likely to covert – of course, the conversion and revenue would be low.

Now, how you may be attracting poor quality traffic and how you can fix that is a whole different conversation altogether.

For instance, if you have a misleading title of the page or headline of a blog post, even though it might attract a lot of traffic, a large part of the traffic could be untargeted. A simple solution here is to fix that title/headline and make it more relevant.

In any case, if you’re seeing good website traffic but poor conversion, you need to look at the quality of that traffic.

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