Moving From TikTok to Instagram: A Guide for Influencers and Brands

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Moving From TikTok to Instagram: A Guide for Influencers and Brands

A few weeks back, we published Should Your Business Be On TikTok.

Happens so, even if you want to be on this video-sharing app, you can’t if you live in India. The Government of India has banned TikTok, along with 58 other Chinese apps.

While the move might open opportunities for the nation to be “atmanirbhar” on the back of homegrown apps, thousands of influencers and brands, who once dominated TikTok, are now rendered platform-less.

What TikTok Had Others Don’t

Of course, it’s unlikely that they aren’t on other platforms.

However, the higher organic reach and engagement that TikTok brought to the table – which drove seamless growth for many of the users, bringing them thousands and millions of followers in a relatively shorter span – is something that is missed on other channels.

Outside TikTok, it’s a whole another game. Just ask any digital marketing company in Australia or anywhere in the world.

It’s difficult to grow on other platforms; especially on the likes of Instagram, which is where all those left TikTok-less are rushing towards at present.

The Problem With Instagram

Instagram is too saturated. Its algorithm works slightly differently. Moreover, the app encourages paid ads over relying on organic results.

So, while you do already have an Instagram account, you have a few problems: The number of followers isn’t enough. The engagement rate is low. Call-to-action doesn’t drive desired outcomes. Most importantly, the growth isn’t exponential as you’re used to ala-TikTok.

But, of course, you now need to bypass these challenges and make ‘Gram your primary channel.

Whether you’re an India influencer, brand, or even a small business, you must now effectively amp your Instagram marketing to sustain your financial and social position.

It’s not easy but it’s doable with the right approach and creatives.


Here are 9 tips for Indian influencers and brands who are planning to move past TikTok and dominate Instagram:

1. Widen your digital footprint

When you had the attention on TikTok, you should have branched it out to build your followers even on other platforms as well. But you relied too much on a single platform. (Just like Vines’ stars did years back.)

Don’t make the same mistake with Instagram.

The first tip in building a dominating presence on Instagram is to focus just as much on other platforms. And this includes your own website.

Having a personal website is almost a must now. Hire a good web design services provider and build a website. This would be the main channel of communication that you own entirely. All the attention you build on social media platforms will funnel to your website that would be the core of your business.

Alongside, expand on other channels as well – from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to even LinkedIn.

The wider your digital footprints, the better will be the outcome, irrespective of what you’re trying to achieve.


Read the remaining of the 9 tips to dominate Instagram in the next part of this 3-post series. Read: Farewell TikTok: 9 Tips To Blow Up On Instagram (For Indian Influencers, Brands) [PART 2]

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