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23rd June 2020

Should Your Business Be On TikTok?

Look beyond the cheap thrill of TikTok vs. YouTube, the question is valid.

After all, with over 1.5 billion downloads, TikTok boasts 800 million active users worldwide.

It is the sixth-largest social network.

digital marketing

In India, on average, TikTok is on 3 out of every 10 smartphones.

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So, Should Your Business Be On This Video Sharing App?

Now before you turn down this idea with “what would I post”…

Did you know Washington Post is on TikTok?

A platform that’s perceived to be dominated by dancers and skits, what do you think a legacy media outlet like Washington Post publishes here? (If you’re curious, check them out!)

Many Opportunities

TikTok is an incredible content distribution platform that flexes massive, massive (organic) reach and engagement. Plus, unlike other established channels, growing here is relatively easier.

For businesses that seek and thrive on underpriced attention, this app is certainly a must. Creating native content can help companies penetrate through newer demography and expand brand awareness. And if that attention is funneled down appropriately, TikTok can be a flag-bearer in the top of the funnel that actually leads to conversion and bring tangible value to brands.

In short, kept aside your biases and perceptions, this app is a treasure-trove of opportunities. And it’s something that business owners should seriously consider tapping on.

The Factors and Nuances to Success

Of course, a company that sells insurance might not be appropriate for TikTok. Similarly, a business that targets people in the 50s, they might not find much value here as compared to, say, Facebook.

So, there are different factors that should be considered when deciding whether to get your business on TikTok or not. And then there are different nuances that must be heeded to when devising TikTok marketing strategy that effectively represents one’s brand and hits home with the right audience.

Decision, Decision

So, do consider adding this video sharing app to your marketing mix. Deliberate over different factors like:

  • The type and niche of your business
  • Digital marketing needs
  • Business goals
  • Competitors and their strategies
  • Audience you target
  • Type of content to produce

And more…

If still confused, consult a top digital marketing company in Kolkata.

Thousands of businesses are leveraging on TikTok’s popularity, which has already dented the pop culture, to especially reach out to the younger demography. You should be one of them; you should be investing in TikTok just as much you’re investing in the best SEO company Kolkata, India; you should be focusing on it just as much you’re focusing on Instagram.

Identify the needs, discover the opportunities, and stride forward to explore a new content distribution platform that can unlock your business a higher return.

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Audio : Should Your Business Be On TikTok?


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