Kreative Machinez
24th May 2018

Nutritional Cup of Thoughts For Parents – Nestle #PowerOfPrint Campaign: 2

We are Kreative Machinez, the digital marketing company in Kolkata, headed By Mr. Pramod Maloo. We are backed by a bunch of creative minds, young talents and ace professionals, which motivated us to take a part in this revered contest.

Here’s a brief look at the concept behind our campaign:

Parents are the main pillars on which a child stands with firm steps. Parents must know what is best for their child when it comes to making food choices. In this campaign, we have tried to add some pages to the nutritional diary of the parents. From knowing the vitamins, to adding greens on the diet for their child to taking care of the child’s height, weight and cognitive abilities, a fun banter-ish tone has been used in the campaign to offer parents the sweet reminders, nuggets of wisdom as to how they can score a 100/100 while giving their nutritional examination on the school, called life

Hope we are able to bring a smile on your faces once you jog your eyes over our campaign!! Here’s wishing us good luck!

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