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10th March 2016

Online Sales Volume Skyrocketed With Google Adwords PPC

It’s all about climbing up the rank ladder that matters for an online business entity. An impressive organic ranking in Google SERPs is expected to attract inbound traffic and improve sales volume, but be ready to invest sufficient time to achieve that. Alternatively, Google Adwords PPC facility is there as the authenticated shortcut, and () professionals will show you how to make most of it.

All your SEO efforts are directed to a single goal- organic rank achievement in SERPs that will eventually turn into a revenue boosting affair. Problem is, it will take its own course of time, and certainly this slow progress isn’t going to satiate your instant profit earning motive. Nevertheless, solution is there, but with a price tag. Google AdWords PPC is a paid service that allows you to boost online sales volume almost instantly. The core procedure deals with placement of advertisement before the pool of active clients within a specified and targeted territory, but hold on, there’s lot more to cover.

Organic advertising or PPC campaign; what’s your pick?

It’s an established fact that earning a rank in organic search results is no lesser than a Herculean task, and such an effort will consume up a lot of time as well. Low frequency of web page indexation (sometimes once in 2-3 months) is blamed for that, even though you have improved the content quality and link neighborhood. In fact, even after the page gets indexed, there’s no guarantee that it will show results immediately. You have the option to consider these approaches as long term SEO tactics, but it’s going to be a different ball game, when you are expecting quick results. PPC is recommended practice in that case.

It’s going to be costly anyways

Three factors in the form of chosen keywords, advertisement to be posted and the landing page are taken into account, while determining the price tag of your PPC package. Depending on the degree of the optimization that the ad as well as that page experiences, the price fluctuates. In case these two are highly optimized ones, Google will have no issues in placing your ad higher than the others. But be ready to pay more, in case the ad content and the landing page has distant relevancy. In fact, such a situation will result dissatisfied visitors, and your money would be lost.

Few valuable tips

  • Bid on keywords that are capable of sales or lead generation
  • Closely analyze the rank and budgetary attributes associated with impression share (IS )
  • Spot the most searched upon terms
  • Keep repeating AdWords strategy, although the frequency depends on the success achieved by it

However, you just can sit complacent by relying on Adwords only. Keep a constant tab on the ffective sales pitch, client demography; best fitted keywords/phrases (exact match, broad match or negative- whatever may the case be). Constant monitoring is the all essential step that you need maintain for your PPC centric online campaign.

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