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27th February 2019

Should (Professional) Bloggers Hire Digital Marketing Companies?

Blogging isn't a one-person game anymore. Yes, traditionally, it has always been about "self" - wearing multiple hats, handling various ends, all by oneself, alone. But those were also the days when blogging wasn’t meant to be a prime source of income.

Today, the landscape has changed. "Professional blogging" isn’t about scribbling your thoughts thoughtlessly on a CMS. It’s now a business model in itself, primarily meant for full-time income (and also for SEO purpose, but that’s a whole different topic altogether).

Now, as it goes, it's extremely difficult to build a business alone; scaling and sustaining it becomes even more difficult. This is why having the right people by the side is important. And this is why, if they are to build their blogging business that yields full-time monetary rewards, professional bloggers must hire a good digital marketing company.

It’s too hectic

Blogging, as an industry, has become extremely competitive with millions of new posts published every day. Unless you’ve picked a hyper-micro niche, you’re going to face a lot of challenges from the competitors - some of who will be legitimately good. To combat and outdo them, you would be required to stay ahead in the game all the time. And this is hectic.

From writing high-quality articles to engaging audience on social media platforms - there’s a lot to handle. And, not to forget, you also need to optimize the blog, design it properly, run email drip campaigns, manage finance, and also breathe&eat all this while. At least efficiently, one individual can’t do it all alone. We’re way past the "lone-wolf blogger" days.

Look around and see any successful professional blogger for that matter (do it); you will find they have a well-placed team working behind the scene. And that’s what you need!

If you’re a blogger - instead of doing it all by yourself or outsourcing freelancers from time to time, which could be costlier - you need to hire a full-time digital marketing company.

Have an offshore team

Find one of the best digital marketing companies in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata or anywhere in India. And leverage their resource to scale your blogging business. These companies home a diverse team of professionals, offering a wide range of services under a single roof, right from web development services in Delhi to SEO services in Kolkata. So, at one-stop, you can have all your needs met.

Talk to them and streamline the entire process; how they will optimize your blog, how they will grow your social channels, how they will generate more leads and so forth. Get acquainted with the team who will be working on your project. Create a Slack group for easy communication. When all ends are taken care of, you can solely focus on creating high-quality contents and building brands.

Sure, hiring a marketing company and managing an offshore team comes at a cost. But its rewards will soon marginalize this investment, leaving you with much more profits (of course, provided you have a good revenue model in place).


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