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23rd November 2018

This Simple Strategy Will be The Game-Changer for Your SEO in 2019

'tis the time to make predictions is upon us. Only this one isn't really a "prediction" per se.

In the past couple of years, the SEO landscape has changed drastically. The latest blow was 'Google Broad Core Algorithm Update'. Although “broad” by name, this update was a major one, impacting many websites - the ones in the healthcare sector, in particular.

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But what about 2019? How will things pan out in the new year?

In 2019...

A lot is happening right now. Search engines are going through various changes - be it using AI-programs to rank websites or focusing on link-less backlinks. And, oh, not to forget their growing obsession with UX signals.

Amid all these changes and progress, following a definite set of rules to rank higher on search engines is not only difficult but also, on many levels, absurd.

So, it’s fairly okay to be confused about how to shape your SEO strategies to match with these changes in real-time.

Now, indeed, you can spend a fortune and employ the best digital marketing company in Canada, USA or India to handle your SEO-end with a large team of dedicated professionals.

Or, on the contrary, you can be smart to act smart and analytical.

We recommend you go with the latter one.

Connecting The Dots

Voice search is making the biggest noise in the marketing world right now.

According to comScore, by 2020, 50 percent of all searches will be voice searches. In fact, as of January 2018, over one billion searches were happening over voice per month already.

Similarly, Google, and even Bing, are displaying more on their result pages than just a list of websites. It includes everything from rich snippets to question/answers to the knowledge graph.

Also, although it’s an old news, Google is now extensively relying on its artificial intelligent program, RankBrain, to rank and display results on SERP. And the major factors that are influencing RankBrain are entirely lopsided to UX, which includes bounce rate, dwell time, pogo-sticking and more.

When you connect all these dots, it returns back to the fundamentals of Google search: provide the high-quality result to the users. Although blurred, today, the definition of “high-quality” is to be more humane and less robotic.

It has long been known about Google's commitment to natural language processing. The search engine is closer than ever to turn its search mechanism less robotic and more human, where bots not just know the natural language but also understand the intent behind it.

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Add Natural Tone to Your Contents

Read all the tips and tricks; ask even the best affordable SEO agency Kolkata based. Here are the answers you will get...

Want to rank higher for voice search?

Create informal contents that share the same tonal values as the words choice and expressions in that voice search.

Want to win rich snippets on SERP?

Create informal contents that directly address the casual search query in an equally conversational way.

Now, consider the user-experience frontier of SEO: search engines prefer websites that deliver good UX to visitors. There are few factors, as mentioned already, which signals whether a webpage is user-friendly or note, including bounce rate and dwell time.

Here, the website design and development play a primary role. If the website isn’t looking or performing good, the visitors will leave, which will signal poor UX. Following, content comes to play a critical role.

If the content is not engaging and informational enough, the visitors will leave the webpage. Why would they lurk if the content doesn’t fit their preference and needs?!

So, even in this scenario, having a natural-tone content - which packs rich information - is important.

A Game-Changing Strategy

If you are looking for one game-changing strategy that will ace your SEO in 2019, it’s fair and simple: create more contents for humans. Make it informal and engaging. From blogs and articles to webpage contents - make them sound as natural (and resourceful) as possible. Google and Bing will love it.

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