Kreative Machinez
24th May 2018

Wheels Of Life – Nestle #PowerOfPrint Campaign: 1

We are Kreative Machinez, a digital marketing company in Kolkata. As the name suggests, we are a group of creative minds and love to come up with innovative concepts so that our work gets tagged as distinctive.

Our entry for the #PowerOfPrint contest powered by Times and Nestle on #HelpParentsKnowGoodFood revolves around stages of a child and his nutritional needs explained via #WheelsOfLife. Starting from when a child is just 6 months, we have selected the nutrients essential for them, suggesting the products they would require from the coveted brand, NESTLE.

Next we come to the phase wherein the child is 2-4 years old, and the pram now gets replaced by a baby-walker. Nestle again comes in the scenario with the essentials nutrient-rich products. Then we successfully move to the wheels of a bicycle, to bike and finally a car gradually revealing the nutritional secrets blanketing life.

Hope you ride with us in this nutritional journey with less bumps and come up with a sunshine smile after taking a look at our campaign!

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