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2nd July 2020

9 Tips to Dominate Instagram (Just Like You Did on TikTok)

This is the third post in this 3-part series.

The Indian government has banned TikTok. So many influencers and brands, who dominated this video sharing app, are now moving to Instagram.

Not surprisingly, growing on Instagram is not as easy as it was on TikTok. There are plenty of challenges on the way.

In the previous two parts we covered 6 tips on how, Indian influencers and brands who are moving from TikTok, can blow up on Instagram. If you didn’t read them, please go here and read:

Here are 3 remaining tips:

7. Keep Your Stories Alive

500 million users now use Instagram Stories every day.

Stories provide another opportunity for you to engage with your audience in a quick and fun way. Plus, it makes your brand discoverable and familiar; it improves your recall value.

So, regularly posts good Instagram Stories. Post videos, images; ask questions.

If you have more than 10+ followers, you can take the users to any URL by asking them to swipe up. Generally, you want to take them to your website that’s optimized to bring you conversion. (In case if you don’t have a website, consider getting one. Hire an agency that offers good quality web development services in Kolkata. And while you’re at it, consult an SEO company Australia based as well to better optimize your site for search engines. You can drive organic traffic to your website through Google – and then funnel down those users to your Instagram. This is another great way to increase your Instagram followers.)

Back to the point though…

Post more Instagram Stories.

8. Be Imperfect In Your Pictures And Videos

The quantity of the content matters.

You need to post more on Instagram - in different ways and creative formats - to keep your audience engaged.

So, it was okay if you published one 15-second video every couple of video on TikTok; it was okay to occupy the entire day to make that clip. But that’s not the case with Instagram.

Meaning, don’t try to be perfect. Don’t try to create a perfect piece of content on Instagram.

You will end up wasting a lot of time.

Besides, contrary to popular perception, people do not really want to see perfect. They are fine with the imperfect, as long as it’s creative and valuable.

So, do not bother worrying about perfectness. If you do, you would end up hampering your Instagram growth.

9. Hire An Agency

This is very basic. You want to grow on Instagram. Why not hire experts to help you with it?!

Especially for the brands or businesses, this is preferable. Hire a social media marketing agency and tap on their expertise to help you bolster your Instagram game.

These experts can devise the right strategy and speed-up your growth.

You can either consult a social media marketing agency OR you can let them handle your ‘everything Instagram’ end-to-end.

Start the Hustle with the Right Steps

In these 9 tips for Indian influencers and brands to dominate on Instagram just like they did on TikTok, we left out one very common – and most fundamental – tip:

Publish good content. (Not “perfect” though!)

If what you’re posting isn’t good, why would someone follow and engage with you?! All the above tips would inevitably fail if this is the case.

So, as the first step in the process, make sure you’re posting good Instagram images and videos that your target audience likes.

Following, start the hustle by taking appropriate steps.

Building your Instagram audience is not going to be easy. But with the right efforts and consistency, you can become an Instagram Star just like you were a TikTok celebrity.

Audio : 9 Tips to Dominate Instagram (Just Like You Did on TikTok)

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