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19th October 2021

A Beginner’s Guide to App Store Optimization

There are more than 3.48 million apps on Google Play and 2.22 million apps on Apple App Store.

Whatever your niche is and whatever type of application you’re offering, it’s safe to assume that you have competitors; a lot of competitors. And to beat those competitors and drive higher downloads, you need to adopt the right marketing practices, including app store optimization.

App store optimization, much like broader SEO, can be challenging and take time to reflect good results. But if done properly, it can boost your app’s visibility in the app store.

Ideally, it’s recommended you hire an agency that offers the best app store optimization services in India and let them take care of things. But you’re taking the DIY route, here are some essential ASO tips that will get you started on the right track and deliver exceptional results in the long run:

Come up with a great title

As simple as this may seem, it’s not! Not only do you want an app title that’s enticing and clickable but you also want to include keywords in it. And this can be a challenge when you realize you just have 30 and 50 characters at hand on App Store and Google Play respectively.

So, take your time to come up with a great title that includes your app’s name (which itself should be creative, meaningful, and brandable) and relevant keywords.

(Note: Try to keep the title length as small as possible.)

Keyword-optimized description

Both Google Play and Apple’s App Store offer 4,000 characters bandwidth for description. Of course, your description doesn’t have to be so long. But make sure it’s interesting, has enough whitespace (aka formatted properly), uses bullet points, explains the value proposition, and addresses the pain points the app resolves.

But most importantly, ensure the description includes the relevant keywords.

The first 250 characters in specific should have the keywords. The first few lines of the description are also incredibly important in terms of whether people are hooked or not; if they are poorly written, not only will people NOT download the app, they may even leave with a bad brand impression.

So, consider all the various factors (from ASO and UX POV) and write a perfect description for your app that’s optimized with enough keywords.

Also, as is evident, keywords are a very important part of app store optimization. This means you need to do proper keyword research. If you don’t have enough experience with it, you can hire an SEO company in UK for help.

Encourage to leave positive reviews

Reviews and ratings are among the biggest influencing factors for your app download.

The more good reviews the app has received, the more will it be visible on the app store for the relevant keyword. Moreover, it will also increase the conversion or download rate.

So. encourage your existing app users to leave five-star ratings and positive reviews for the app on the app stores. Remind them of this (without being annoying).

Of course, this whole scheme requires you to offer a truly phenomenal application that users like and find helpful.

An easy-to-recall icon

The icon of the app will play a big role in the branding strategy. It will help you stand out the crowd and build a distinct identity in the niche.

The icon will help people recognize you. It will help people recall your brand proposition. Moreover, if you have a well-defined retargeting strategy, your icon can be a big difference-maker.

So, preferably get together with an expert designer and come up with an icon for your app that’s creative, compelling, attention-grabbing, and meaningful.

Include more screenshots

Adding screenshots of the app in the app store increases the download rate.

So, add more screenshots of at least the important sections of the app. Let people see how the app interface looks, what are some features, what kind of visuals and UI will they be exposed to.

Create a fitting explainer video

The benefit of video marketing is no secret in context to conversion.

An interesting and complementing video with your value proposition can boost your conversion rate. So, adding a video to the app’s landing page can make a big impact on your download numbers.

Admittedly, it’s crucial to ensure the video is of good quality with a higher engagement factor and visual appeal. It should provide all the context of the app (its USPs and pain point its solves) in a more interesting way. For this, you may have to work with a digital marketing agency that has video-making capabilities.

Win more (high-quality) backlinks

Yes, backlinks affect the visibility of your app on the app stores. The more backlinks you have, the better for your app.

Of course, this doesn’t mean any and every type of backlink would be sufficient. If anything, poor-quality backlinks will do more harm than good.

So, outline an effective link-building strategy wherein the focus is on quality.

Get more backlinks to your app store page from relevant and credible sources. It will positively reflect on your app’s visibility on the store's search result page.

Driven referral traffic

Similar to the backlinks, referral traffic also influences your app’s visibility. The more traffic your app store’s page receives, the better it is for overall organic metrics.

So, generally, other digital marketing initiatives should be a part of your app store optimization strategy. From promoting your app on the website to running ads on social media platforms, there are several things you can do to garner more traffic to your app’s page.

Final Words

These are some of the common but highly effective app store optimization tips.

The good results won’t follow immediately. After the implementation of these steps, it would some time till you see the desired outcome. A lot also depends on your niche, which defines the number of competitors you have. The more competitive the niche is, the more challenging it would be to rank on the app store’s search result page for the targeted keywords. So, persistence and constant improvement are the keys.

If you want definite and quick results, connect with a top agency and tap on the best app store optimization services in India. Get help from experts and give your app the growth it deserves.

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