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16th October 2021

A Beginner’s Guide to Create Content that Crush Competitors

Creating content online is a challenge. It’s much more than simply writing. If you want it to rank higher on SERP and drive you tangible results, there is a wide range of factors that must be considered.

What kind of content do search engines want and like?

What kind of content do the users want? What will deliver them a good UX?

Such questions majorly influence the success of your content.

Moreover, a lot also depends on your competitors. Remember, for your content to rank higher, someone else’s URL will have to slide down on SERP. So, it’s equally important to keep an eye on the competitors, peak into their content strategy, and do better than them.

This is why it’s recommended to work with a top digital marketing company in Kolkata that has a strong content team with a proven track record.

But if you’re going the DIY way, here are eight effective tips to create content that crush competitors and bring you the desired rewards:

Double down on the quantity

Companies that offer SMO services in Kolkata, or anywhere, have known this for long: The quantity of content published is very important. SEO companies are now realizing this as well.

Yes, quality matters. But quantity is just as important.

You want to publish (high-quality and targeted) content at scale. More content will improve your brand’s discoverability and engagement.

In fact, the more content you produce, the more growth opportunities you will discover.

So, roll up your sleeves and start publishing content online, in large quantities, in different formats. For help, consider getting help from a good digital marketing company in Kolkata.

Do competitive content analysis

As mentioned earlier, you also need to keep an eye on your competitors.

What type of content are they publishing?

What’s the length of their blog posts?

What’s their publishing frequency?

What kind of keywords are they including in their content? What CTAs do they have?

You need to find answers to these questions. Accordingly, you can outline your own content strategy. Such insights will also help you create better quality content.

There are several good tools out there that you can use, like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Frase.

Focus on “pillar” content

These are the superstar content that will bring you the most traffic. They will rank higher on SERP for the targeted keywords.

Pillar blog posts are usually a top-of-the-funnel asset. They are of long format and cover a topic in complete detail.

For instance, if you’re in healthcare, a pillar post can be “Type 2 Diabetes: Everything You Want to Know”. It will include everything about this type of diabetes in extensive detail.

So, scale up the production of pillar content; publish more of them. You will end up building a highly resourceful and evergreen content asset that will bring you high ROI in the long run.

Add visual appeal

This is more important today than ever when people have a shorter attention span and they have many options or alternatives.

So, your blog posts should have visual appeal with images and infographics. You can have different sections within the post with distinct backgrounds.

Incorporate a lot of whitespaces to avoid making the texts overwhelming.

In all, make the page and content look visually appealing (on phone and desktop). This will enhance your average session duration and reduce the bounce rate. The visitors will get a pleasant experience on your page, which can then translate into better conversion.

Embed videos

Adding videos to your blog posts will add more value to the content.

To that, it will also increase your average session duration. The more time visitors spend on the page, the better signal it sends to the search engines. This improves your search ranking for relevant keywords.

So, do embed videos in your blog posts. The videos don’t have to be yours. It can be of a different channel as well, as long as it’s relevant and isn’t too promotional of that third-party brand.

Get the basic SEO correct

This is, of course, a must.

There are a few basic SEO steps that you need to get correct when publishing blog posts.

For instance, your meta title and description should include primary keywords. The URL slug should be keywords rich.

The first 100-word of the content should include the target keywords.

The headers should be structured well with <h2>, <h3>... tags.

Include links to other internal pages. Include outbound links as well wherever required.

In short, take steps to make your blog posts more SEO-friendly. If you need help, get in touch with a digital marketing company in Kolkata.

Spend (a lot of) time on headlines

The headline of your blog post is possibly the most important thing. This is the first thing a person will see and if it’s not enticing enough, nobody will click on the result.

So, your headline ought to be great. This doesn’t mean it should be sensational or clickbaity. But it has to be tempting enough to convince people to click on it.

Here are some of the real examples of irresistible headlines:

Why Clever Posts Titles Are Killing Your Blog

How Grabbing Drinks After Work is Killing Your Budget

How To Quit Your Job, Move To Paradise and Get Paid To Change The World

Coming up with such outstanding headlines will take time. So, spend that time coming up with the best possible headlines for your blog posts.

Add a conversational tone

This is a basic content writing tip that can make the biggest difference in keeping your visitors hooked to the content.

Remember, static content that sounds robotic will never work. It should be conversational to the core that focuses on engaging the audience. It should come off as a one-on-one conversation wherein you’re talking to one person and not exactly broadcasting a message to everyone.

So, do focus on the tone of your content. It should sound human-like and not robotic.

Final Words

These are eight powerful and proven tips to create content that crushes your competitors.

Admittedly, executing these tips when creating and publishing content is easier said than done. Moreover, it’s worth noting not all your content will be perfect or “superstar”.

The key is consistent practice, execution, and improvement. The more content you produce, the more room you will have to get better.

The end goal is to build a high-value content asset that’s optimized for your target audience and their experience. In the long run, this will help you beat even your biggest competitors. For help, get in touch with a digital marketing company in Kolkata.

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