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30th August 2021

How to Close More B2B Deals Without “Selling”? (Pt 1/2)

Yes, a business needs revenue to grow and sustain. So, companies generally prioritize sales atop. But, at times, that can be a mistake. Focusing too much on sales can be counter-intuitive.

Especially today when competition is high and consumer behavior has shifted owing to various factors, people don’t buy products or services anymore; they buy experience, or the promise of an experience.

In that, the conventional sales strategies render ineffective and need to be done away with.

The B2B brands must adopt a fresh outlook on how they drive sales. And this new “outlook” must be less about selling and more about delivering an excellent experience to the customers.

In 2021, the best sales don’t feel like sales. Experience-driven, sales is much more like “let me help you”.

Here are five effective tips to close more B2B deals without selling:

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  1. Put your sales team a step back

This is as basic as it gets. Get your sales team to take a step back and let the steering wheel be with the marketing team. Even till the last stage of the pipeline, let your marketers take care of it.

If marketing is done effectively and with the right messaging, prospects will inevitably convert into sales without any salesy prompt.

So, provide a bigger space to your marketing team; provide them a wider opportunity. Let them control the communication that has fewer elements of sales. Bring in the sales people only where needed.

  1. De-formalize your communication

Gone are the days when B2B deals were locked on emails or formal meetings. At the end of the day, whether B2B or B2C, your target account is human and you must talk to them like that.

Tone down the formal approach and add an informal and emotional touch to your conversations.

Irrespective of what platform you’re engaging them on, push forward your brand’s human aspects. Be friendly, which will lead to higher engagement. And the more they engage with you, the more the chances of conversion. This is one of the most effective tactics a good digital marketing company in Kolkata always uses for its clients; you should too!

Higher engagement = Higher chances of conversion

Read part two: How to Close More B2B Deals Without “Selling”? (Pt 2)

Audio Version : Click Here

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