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7th November 2019

Pinterest SEO Is the Buzzword to Count On

It’s a commendable position that Pinterest has successfully achieved in last few years or so, and SEO professionals had every reason to zero on the features offered by this social networking platform to boost up online business revenues. A robust growth in referral traffic volume originating from most affluent members is the significant contribution that it makes, and () will make most of it, by successful utilization of its applications.

Pinterest’s emergence and success in the online media as the leading referral site meant something different for the online marketers, of course in terms of earning larger revenues from the relatively more valuable resources. When compared with any other social networking sites, Pinterest users maintain a differential stand in terms of more frequent buying, purchasing power, quantity of the items shopped, affordability to spend extra bucks and so on, and all these are encouraging signals for a business willing to make a mark in digital domain. No surprise that SEO experts are targeting this new age media to reach out that particular affluent consumer community. But to satisfy that motive, you need to come up with the right optimization approach, fitting perfectly with this new star in online communication.

1. First up, register your business account with Pinterest and optimize the URL chosen specifically for your company (User name is limited to 15 characters while for company, it is unlimited). Usage of keywords is fine, and the next step is to verify your website. Upon verification, you are allowed to add Pin buttons on the site, directly linked with your FB and Twitter account maintained for company’s business. For the about section, you are offered only a space of 200 characters, so be selective in scripting your description by using keywords strategically

2. From the web crawling perspectives and related SEO benefits, re-pin and “do follow” links fall under similar category. However, you are to use it wisely, and there are two popular practices to do so. You can add a reference link pointing towards your site with the pin button, and while re-pinning against your posted content, don’t forget to edit description and replace the shortened link with full length to escape chances of getting marked as spammers

3. There’s provision for using Pin descriptions as well, and you are allowed to write anything about your product within this 500 character space, right from usage instructions to comments to interesting notes, even prices. Again, strike a balance between customer’s ability to relate with this description and the right use of words and client friendly links. The same applies while pinning images as well; although you are advised to use taller photos to get it re-pinned more frequently than shorter ones

4. For making a mark in Pinterest search results, you have the weapon called long tailed keywords/phrases to win a competitive edge. It’s all about making your products a bit more specific, and there’s opportunity to do that that by inclusion of locations, applicability of the product, clients to be benefited etc into the description. The same technique applies while segmenting your pin board as well

5. Pinterest will spread virility and bring traffic to your site, but it’s all about the optimality of your pinned content that will eventually count. With that, and bit of luck, you are all set to have a more encouraging conversion rate.


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