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28th December 2018

Top 3 SEO Trends for 2019 to Turn Your Website From “Chump” to “Champ”

And comes the mandatory end-of-the-year post...

Sure, you’ve already read a lot about possible SEO trends for 2019. Some of them are surprising, others are, well, the same-old-same-old.

These are some of the important SEO trends that will likely dominate 2019.

1. Voice search will become big.
2. Featured snippets will become more prevalent on SERP.
3. SEO agencies and professionals will (finally) get serious about RankBrain.
4. Focus will be on mobile users. (Read: Mobile-First Index)
5. AMP will become integral to SERP.
6. Backlinks will remain just as important-and so will the contents.
7. You will see more video results on Google SERP.
8. LSI keywords will take away the never-ending attention from long-tail keywords.

But then here comes the problem. For those who are looking to stay ahead in the game, these trends might be too many to care about- more so for all the DIY ninjas.

The pace with which SEO world has changed in the past few years, there could be aplenty more shake-ups in Google and Bing’s algorithm in the coming months, which could further shift the basics of search engine optimization. You can never be prepared for them with such definitely-outlined trends and predictions, can you?

For instance, a couple of years back, few would have thought that content marketing would become an essential component of SEO. Or, for that matter, when 2018 started, very few would have anticipated Google Broad Core Algorithm Update, which literally changed how professionals approach their strategies.

While, indeed, you must work on these trends individually, your collective focus should remain on the fundamentals. In 2019 and beyond. And to much of your non-surprise, the fundamentals remain boring and non-tricky, in sync with clichés like "quality" and "give people what they want".

To give you a clearer picture, here are 3 basic but super important SEO trends - that aren’t some out-of-the-box predictions but rather hard facts - which will take you a long way in 2019 and beyond:

1.Create more (quality) contents

No more the "focus on quality and not quantity" narration remains valid. Today, you need high-quality, highly relevant and targeted contents-and you need them in large quantity. This, not necessarily because search engines have their appetite increase but because the competition has surged higher in virtually every niche.

If you aren’t producing superstar-esque contents on a very consistent basis, your competitors will eventually take you over. To stay ahead in the game, in 2019 and thereon, you need quality in large quantity. And to maximize the impact, you need contents across a diverse channel, right from website blog to LinkedIn’s Pulse to Medium.

2.Focus on UX-NOT Keywords

If you see the list of predictions and SEO trends for 2019, a lot of them has to do more with the user experience. Feature snippets give searchers quick answers, AMP eliminates the menace of slow-loading pages, and so forth.

In fact, it has been established for some quite some time now that UXO or User Experience Optimization is the new SEO. Google and Bing are focusing intensively on providing users with a better experience. And they are factoring UX-centric metrics more than ever, like dwell time, bounce rate, pogo-sticking, and conversion rate.

So, if you’re still hung to SEO strategies that are centric to keywords, you’re actually racing to the back of the line. Give your strategies a lift; steer its priority to users and their experience. Take all the necessary actions that provide them high value and convenience. And you can bet on to rank higher on result pages.

3.Build your brand reputation

Google a phrase that’s related to your niche/industry right away. On the first page, you will find results that have high brand value. You will be able to recognize their names, you would who to trust more and, in fact, you will know exactly on which website you will get the most value for your time.

That’s the power of branding. And that’s what you need.

While there are loopholes to this concept, top brands are usually synonym’d with high-quality. And since search engines are looking for "high quality", they likely prefer those that have greater brand presence and value.

So, again, if your website is optimized around keywords and your products, the strategy is definitely flawed and unsustainable.

You need to invest BIG in your brand name-and it isn’t just for the SEO purpose but also for other direct benefits. For instance, high brand value shortens sales funnel and drive quick sales; it improves customer loyalty and retention.


Were you looking for a list-based article on possible SEO trends for 2019, sorry to disappoint you! One of these days, you need to consume boring but factual contents.

If you want to rank higher on Google and other search engines in 2019 and beyond, these are three 3 trends-cum-static strategies you must deploy with almost high urgency. Unless, of course, you’ve hired one of the top SEO agencies in Kolkata; in that case, let them deal with it!

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