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7th August 2020

5 Reasons Why Your Lead Generation Efforts Are Failing [PART 2]

In the previous post of this 3-part series, we discussed how the people you’re attracting might not exactly be fitting to your buyer’s persona. This is actually a big problem people face in lead generation. You can hire the best digital marketing agency in UK and generate a massive amount of traffic. But if those visitors aren’t targeted or relevant, your conversion would remain poor.

If you didn’t read that post, please go here and give it a quick read: 5 Reasons Why Your Lead Generation Efforts Are Failing [PART 1]

Here are the other reasons:

2. Your lead magnets are bad

“Yes, I want your promotional emails” - said no one ever.

Nobody wants to give their contact details out in the public – especially to the business owners who are more likely to bug them with promotional messages.

To generate leads, you need to have a value proposition upfront. You need to have something for which people give you their email address… something valuable, something that helps them with their pain point.

Now, depending on your industry, business type, and what exactly you’re selling, you have plenty of options with your lead magnet - from eBooks to calculator.

What’s important is that your (free) lead magnet is deeply integrated into your content strategy on one end and what you’re selling on the other end.

Also, it’s better to have multiple lead magnets to relevantly target various segments of your target audience. The more the lead magnets, the more leads you can generate.

If you aren’t providing enough reasons for people to enter your sales funnel, generating more leads would be difficult.

3. You’re relying too much on “organic”

When you want something big (and quickly at that), you should be fine paying for it.

Sadly, many businesses rely too much on organic measures. Don’t be one of them!

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great to run paid ads for lead generation. They are highly effective and even underpriced.

Google search ads (and not display network) is just as good of an option.

Paid lead generation campaigns can leave you with good results in a quick span. Moreover, if you’re doing it in the right way, you actually end up with a much higher ROI.

If you don’t have enough experience running paid ads, consider hiring a good digital marketing company.

Sometimes, over-relying on organic avenues can slow you down. And at such times, you need to be ready to invest money in ads.

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