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10th August 2020

5 Reasons Why Your Lead Generation Efforts Are Failing [PART 3]

In the previous post of this 3-part series, we discussed poor (and insufficient) lead magnets and reluctance to invest in paid ads. These are two very common reasons why many people struggle to capture more leads. If you didn’t read that post, please go here and read: 5 Reasons Why Your Lead Generation Efforts Are Failing [PART 2]

Here are the other reasons why your lead generation efforts are failing:

4. Your Branding is Poor

Branding might not play a key role when you’re trying to generate leads through paid ads. But when you’re relying on inbound means, it can be a big game-changer. Ask the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata; a large of their lead generation strategy focuses on branding.

People are more likely to give their details to brands whom they know and trust more.

So, if your brand is positioned poorly, you’re going to find it difficult to capture leads.

On the contrary, if people know you - and have engaged with you on previous occasions - they will give you their email address relatively easily even when your value proposition or lead magnet isn’t very relevant or resourceful.

Sadly, there’s no quick fix to this.

This is why your branding strategy should be so deeply integrated with your overall digital marketing strategy.

To position your brand well and connect with the right audience (with the right story), get help from experts. Consider hiring the best digital marketing company in Canada, USA, or India. Talk to their brand experts, tap on their resources, and fuel your brand value. Thereon, see your lead captures increase in subsequent campaigns.

5. There Are Tactical Flaws

There’s a lot to lead generation. It involves a lot of tactical moves. The campaigns must be re-visited over and again for improvements on the back of hard data.

For instance, what kind of opt-in form should you have? How should the opt-in form look? What kind of details should you ask from people? What kind of copy should accompany the form? How many opt-in forms should you have? How should your landing page look?

There are many more things that influence the success (or failure) of the lead generation strategy.

If you aren’t seeing the desired result, there’s a good chance that you’re committing such tactical mistakes. This is common, in fact, for those who don’t have extensive experience with lead generation. (There’s a reason why specialists exist - and why they are paid so much money.]

Audit your existing strategy and approach. Find out the loopholes. If you need help, hire the best digital marketing company in Canada.

In the end, most importantly, do not settle. Keep on experimenting. A/B testing is at the heart of successful lead generation strategy.

So, What’s Your Reason?

Why do you think your efforts are falling flat? What could be the reason why you aren’t generating enough leads?

Remember, the process might seem easy, but it’s far from it.

Reading a few articles will only give you an idea but won’t prepare you to win. As you gain more experience - and you have more data - your strategies will get progressively more effective.

In this 3-part series, we tried to dissect a few common reasons why people struggle in capturing more leads. If you’re making the same mistakes, quickly fix them. Hopefully, you would notice significant improvements in the outcome.

If you didn’t read the previous parts, please check them out:

Good luck!

Audio : 5 Reasons Why Your Lead Generation Efforts Are Failing [PART 3]

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