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24th October 2021

7 Growth Marketing Tips for Small Businesses (PT 2/2)

Read PART 1: 7 Growth Marketing Tips for Small Businesses (PT 1/2)

4.Copy your competitors

List down your successful competitors and do a comprehensive analysis.

Find out more about their content and social media marketing strategy. Check out their website design and landing page layouts. What’s their lead magnet? What kind of CTAs are they using? What kind of topics are they producing content on?

Get such insights and create your own marketing strategy accordingly. If they are your close competitors targeting the same audience, and if things are working for them, why would those things not work for you?!

Copy everything your top competitors are good and weed out everything they are doing wrong.

5. Do A/B testing

This is the basic premise of growth marketing. It’s all about experimenting with the objective to drive optimum returns.

So, rapidly experiment with different marketing tactics, document the ROI, and then move on to experiment with other tactics.

Rigorous split testing will help you discover more opportunities, which can promote your business growth.

6. Offer free goodies

These will be your lead magnets. But the key here is to have multiple lead magnets that are fitting at different touchpoints; lead magnets that are created for individual segments within your target audience.

The more free stuff you offer (of course it has to be relevant and resourceful), the higher the chances of lead capture.

And if those lead magnets are optimized for sales, you can even run paid ads with them. A data-driven funnel strategy can bring you great results. This is one of the key strategies of every best digital marketing company in India to achieve more leads and sales for their clients.

7. Target small “communities” individually

Split your target audience into small segments aka communities. Now target these communities individually through organic and paid campaigns.

Remember, these communities have their own distinct needs and requirements.

For instance, if you offer financial consulting services to companies. A company with annual revenue of $1.5 million will have a separate set of pain points and considerations as opposed to a company generating $10 million in annual revenue. Even when they both are looking for the same service, they are still different.

So, again, split your target audience into as many small communities as possible; the smaller the group, the more personalization opportunities you will help. Accordingly, create custom strategies for each community and drive conversion.

Final Words

These are five effective growth marketing tips for small businesses.

In all, shift the gear of your existing marketing strategy towards more hack-driven growth. Proactively try different tactics, track the results, make improvements in your strategy, and see your small business scale to newer heights.

If you need help, reach out to experts. To rank higher on SERP, connect with a reliable agency that offers SEO services in India. To gain more followers on social media, contact social media experts. To run successful ad campaigns, hire paid specialists. Have the right help by your side to support and nourish your growth marketing strategy.

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