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23rd September 2021

9 (Simple) Steps to Build a Strong Brand Identity (Pt 2/3)

Read the previous part of this three-part blog: 9 (Simple) Steps to Build a Strong Brand Identity (Pt 1/3)

4. Focus on driving engagement

The more you talk to people, the higher the chances they will remember your brand name.

In fact, engagement is one of the simplest ways to build a strong brand identity. And this is something every leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata leverages.

Ask your audience relevant questions. Respond to their comments. Send them emails with open-ended questions. Join ongoing conversations.

Encourage people to share their opinions and feedback.

Hold contests and giveaways that drive engagement.

There are many things you can do to achieve higher brand engagement. Do them! This will improve your brand identity and its retention value.

5. Provide free value with evergreen content

Take examples of some of the biggest names in healthcare. You know about their brand name only because of their free, high-value content that you consumed. This is the same with many other industries, from finance to marketing.

Providing high value to your audience through evergreen content, and doing so for a consistent period of time, will stand out your brand name, bringing in more attention and engagement.

Besides, remember, the more free value you offer to your audience, the greater rewards you will end up with in the long run.

So, create a comprehensive content calendar that includes all the relevant topics you’re going to publish blogs on in the coming weeks and months. Ensure these blog posts are of superior quality and optimized with keywords.

Once you have published the baseline content on top-of-the-funnel topics, move to cover MoFu and BoFu topics. Integrate your brand name in the middle and bottom of the funnel content.

Over the course, you will have a solid content asset that attracts organic traffic. The repeated visitors will inevitably come to know about your brand name. And if the marketing funnel is well-designed, these people may even become brand advocates.

To create high-quality, top-of-the-funnel, evergreen content, you can seek help from expert writers. Get in touch with the best digital marketing company in Kolkata.

6. Replace “selling” with “helping”

People prefer being helped rather than sold. The latter holds transactional value while the former has a human touch. And that personalized, human touch is what you require to bolster your brand image.

So, shift the gear of your strategy to make it less about selling and more about helping.

Understand the pain points of your target audience and then position your value proposition not as a static product but as a solution or help.

In the same context, limit the number of your sales prompts and touchpoints. Refurbish to make them more solution-oriented.

This will enhance your brand’s trust value, which will eventually unlock you exponential financial returns in the long run.

Read the next part of this three-part blog: 9 (Simple) Steps to Build a Strong Brand Identity (Pt 3/3)

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