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23rd October 2020

Lead Generation: Why Is Your Landing Page Converting Poorly?

It’s challenging as is to get people to your landing page. If the visitors don’t convert, that’s a bigger bummer. But then that’s what many business owners struggle with: Good amount of traffic but very few leads generated.

Admittedly, the reasons behind this poor conversion could be plenty; it can vary in different cases. Without a thorough understanding of how to use analytics and data, making an informed decision that optimizes return is almost impossible. So, the answer to your “why my landing page isn’t generating leads” is with whichever analytics tools you use.

Optimized for User Intent

But that said, there certainly are a few common reasons why inbound lead generation efforts fall flat. For the starters, the quality and relevance of the content on the landing page is of utmost importance.

Yes, the term “quality” is quite subjective, which we have discussed in a separate post, but its meaning in the current context has to do with visitors’ intent. Is the content of this landing page optimized for user intent? Does it have the right proposition that matches the needs, requirements, and preferences of the visitors? Does it offer a solution to any pain points?

If yes, the content is of good quality. But if “no”, which is very likely the case given the poor conversion, the content needs to be fixed. It should be optimized for user intent.

Attracting the Right Traffic

Another common reason why your landing page isn’t converting is bad quality traffic. You might be attracting non-targeted traffic that doesn’t fit your buyer persona; traffic of people who aren’t the right fit for your offering. Optimizing the content with wrong, non-targeting keywords is a big reason why this happens. Having a misleading headline/title is another reason why your landing page is attracting poor quality traffic.

The key here is to optimize your landing page to attract the right people whom you are targeting; people who are more relevant and likely to covert.

The UX Elements

User-experience is now one of the most important aspects of SEO; just ask any good provider of SEO service in Kolkata. If you’re not delivering a good experience to your website visitors, you will lose your ranking on SERP and, of course, you won’t generate leads.

So, a big question here is: How does your landing page perform?

Is it fast enough? Does it have a good visual appeal? Does it load properly on smartphones? How smooth the scrolling is? Is the font optimized for smaller screens? Do images load quickly? Is there enough whitespace?

These are little elements that make for good (or bad) user experience. Failing in this department will have visitors leave the page without taking the needed action. This would reflect in your high bounce rate and exit rate, as well as low time spent on page.

Ideally, you want to have a landing page that visitors enjoy, love to be on, and feel compelled to take action.

How to Boost Lead Generation?

Here are some steps you’re encouraged to take:

Next, lead generation is challenging; it’s also just one part of the process. If you don’t have enough experience with leads nurturing, wherein you convert a marketing qualified lead (MQL) into sales qualified lead (SQL), you’re in for a disappointment: It’s more challenging. We have covered this topic in a separate post. Kindly check out: 3 Lead Nurturing Hacks That Will Take Your Sales To Sky

Good luck!

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