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23rd December 2020

9 Digital Marketing Don’Ts That You Must (Absolutely) Don’t In 2021

Digital marketing dos are always discussed. From a digital marketing company in Kolkata to that expert in San Diego, they all discuss the things you should do to improve your digital marketing outcome. What gets overlooked is the don’ts. And it’s a big flaw. After all, your ROI is just as much about what you don’t do as it is about what you. There are several things that must not do to ensure your digital marketing efforts are on the right track to yield wonders.

In that context, here are 9 digital marketing don’ts that you must absolutely, very certainly not do in 2021:

Don’t lie about your products- This will never be okay, be it in 2021 or 2051. Sadly, many people often exaggerate the pros of their products to a point that it becomes a near lie. Don’t do this. Don’t mislead people to boost your sales number or brand value.

Don’t delay in responding to customers- Irrespective of the industry you’re in, there’s a good chance you have a lot of competitors. These are the competitors your potential customers or customers can run to the moment they have a bad experience with your brand. Not responding or responding late to their emails and messages is a big flag that can result in their bad experience.

Don’t create content with no strategy- Creating relevant content at scale is very important now. But if you do that without a defined strategy and purpose, that’s a mistake. You will inevitably get poor returns.

Don’t forget LinkedIn- 2020 was the year of LinkedIn. 2021 might be just the same. If you aren’t already very active on this platform, start from today. Grow your brand on LinkedIn. If done right, it promises great results for your business. Give this a quick read: Facebookization of Linkedin: How To Dominate The Hottest Social Platform?

Don’t have just one lead magnet- This is a very effective lead generation tactic. So, if you’re really serious about generating more leads, don’t alone rely on just one value proposition. Segment your target audience and then have multiple lead magnets for each of the segments. Recommended Read: 5 Reasons Why Your Lead Generation Efforts Are Failing

Don’t avoid the real numbers- Personal opinions are fine. But when you have the real metrics for something, rely on that data over opinion. In short, tap on the power of analytics to make smart and effective digital marketing strategies.

Don’t ignore Google’s page experience update- Google is dropping its much-anticipated Page Experience update in May 2021. Do not ignore it. Presently, almost every part of the customer journey is tied to experience. So, if your website is not optimized well to deliver a good experience to the visitors, it will take a big hit in organic traffic. (Poor UX also always leads to poor conversion even with direct and referral traffic.)

Don’t under-communicate- This is another way to say that you shouldn’t produce less content. Today, the more, the better. Produce more relevant content and communicate with your audience throughout the day. Keep them engaged. Provide them entertainment and utility value with your communication.

Don’t refuse help when needed- Digital marketing is not easy; particularly in challenging times that of today when we’re experiencing a recession. So, if your efforts are falling short or you’re failing to meet the targets or needs, consider getting help. Contact the best digital marketing company in UK, US or India and leverage on their expertise to grow your business.

These are 9 digital marketing don’ts that you must absolutely don’t do in 2021 and beyond. Remember, as mentioned earlier, digital marketing ROI is just as much about what you don’t do as it is about what you do.

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Audio : 9 Digital Marketing Don’Ts That You Must (Absolutely) Don’t In 2021

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