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11th January 2021

How To Stay Prepared For Google Algorithm Updates (Without Preparing)

Did you hear about Google’s SMITH algorithm? It’s a new model that helps the search bots understand entire documents.

The SEO community is also waiting for the roll-out of Google’s much-talked-about new page experience signals. It is expected to happen in May 2021.

And then, of course, there are broad core algorithm updates that happen several times in a year. (Read: Google Answers How To Deal With Its Broad Core Algorithm Update)

In general, Google updates its algorithm 500-600 times a year. While some updates are too small with nearly zero impact, others are quite significant. Following the rollout of such updates, the SEOs and marketing professionals usually go into a frenzy, trying to figure out how the new changes can affect their websites.

Unless you have the bandwidth, premium tools to analyze extensive data, and the SEO expertise - finding how an algorithm update will affect your website’s ranking on SERP is extremely challenging if not impossible.

Take up a Smart and Sustainable Approach

If SEO is indeed your priority and a large part of your business revenue is search-driven, taking a smart approach here is essential for long-term benefits.

Instead of panicking after every Google algorithm update - which is what many people do… Instead of guessing the impact of such updates and making frantic, uninformed changes on the website… the best approach is to follow the fundamentals.

Because with the number of algorithm updates Google makes, it’s not possible to stay prepared for all; or even to stay prepared for the major ones.

Instead of rushing back to your board room every time such updates roll out, how about relying on the fundamental model and not caring about these updates in the first place?

It’s really as simple as it sounds.

Good Content, Good User-Experience

SEO isn’t about hacks. It’s about long-term efforts. You create great, targeted and optimized content over a period and build a solid content asset. If the content is resourceful and has a high value, it will inevitably attract more organic traffic. It will on itself bait new links.

Similarly, providing your website visitors a good experience is a fundamental requirement to drive higher conversion. Focusing on improving the UX elements of your website is a rather obvious measure.

Give what your target audience needs.

In short, heed to the fundamentals of SEO. Follow what Google has always advised to the webmasters and marketers: Give what your target audience needs. Do that and you will win in SEO in the long-run despite what the search engine is doing with its algorithm! This is what the best digital marketing company in UK does for its long-term clients. And that’s what you should do for your business.

This is the simplest way to stay prepared for Google algorithm updates – without preparing. Another way is to have a digital marketing company in Kolkata or San Jose by your side for help; but that’s a whole different conversation altogether.

Here are some recommended reads to help you boost your digital marketing game:

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